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Shortwave turns our phones into controllers for shared experiences.

Players connect by going to a website which turns their phone into a musical controller. Up to 8 people can play music together in the same space. And because the system is smart, each player is always in time and always sounds good. No app required, it's all in the browser.

We believe technology should be a unifying and creative force. Our phones often feel like distractions from our surroundings. Shortwave was developed to bring us closer together by engaging people in the joy of cooperative play while in the same space.

Shortwave’s possibilities extend well beyond music. The platform can support dozens of players connected in the same space together at once. Imagine a living graffiti wall or a multiplayer game where your phone is the controller. The technology can be adapted to a variety of situations; from original (and live, via Ableton) music, a branded interface with custom icons and logos, a custom URL, or more.

Contact us at hello@shortwave.xyz if you want to have Shortwave at your event, if you have any questions about Shortwave and what it can do, or if you want to discuss a custom implementation of the Shortwave technology.

Made by Joel Corelitz and Daniel Zarick.